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Jun 27, 2017

Nelson Dellis is a 4x US Memory Champion and one of the leading memory experts in the world. He’s also the Founder of Climb For Memory, a non-profit charity that aims to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's research through mountain climbs around the world.

Memory is a critical part of learning anything but we’re never taught how to use it properly. In fact, many people simply assume they have a bad memory when the truth is that all of us have the capacity to remember astounding amounts of information.

Nelson is a perfect example of someone who started out with an average memory like the rest of us and trained himself into one of the world’s leading memory athletes through consistent deliberate practice.

In this conversation we discuss a range of topics including:

- The techniques Nelson and all competitive memory athletes to memorise everything from names and faces, to decks of cards
- The importance of regular mental training for mental health
- The life lessons Nelson has learned from mountain climbing

You’ll also learn what it’s like to climb Everest and Kilimanjaro, compete at the World Memory Championships and memorise 200 names in 15 minutes. So whether you’re a beginner just looking to remember more names at work, or want to memorise huge quantities of information, this episode will give the principles and techniques needed to succeed.

Oct 4, 2016

Ed Cooke is the founder of Memrise, an online platform that uses memory techniques to optimise learning. Ed has also previously competed in memory sports and became a Grand Master of Memory when he was just 23.

Human memory is something that few people understand well but the secrets behind improving it are both simple and fun.

Ed is someone who has applied these techniques to himself and his business Memire and even coached US journalist Josh Foer to win the US memory championships, which makes him the perfect man to explain them.

In this episode we discuss a range of topics including:

- Practical applications of memory techniques that people can use everyday
- How much we actually know about memory and the mind
- The role of technology in learning and the future of ed tech

So whether you're looking to improve your memory to remember vast amounts of information or understand the limits of your mind, this episode will give you all that and much more.

Apr 19, 2016

Dr. Anthony Metivier is the creator of the Magnetic Memory Method - an effective and fun method that helps you remember virtually any kind of information using memory techniques.

So many people believe that having a good memory is linked to intelligence or brain structure. But we're all capable of remembering a remarkable amount of information if we use the right techniques. Put simply, your memory is an incredible tool and whatever you're learning, you should learn how to use it.

Anthony has been using and teaching memory techniques for many years and has even competed in memory sports events, where competitors memorise multiple decks of cards and huge strings of numbers.

In this conversation we discuss a range of topics including:

- How to use memory palaces today to memorise virtually anything
- Strategies for learning languages including German, Spanish and Mandarin
- Insights into the weird and wonderful world of memory sports

So whether you're looking to remember definitions for a final exam, memorise foreign language vocabulary or prepare for a presentation at work, this episode will help you do all of that and much more.