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Sep 27, 2016

Tom Chatfield is a author and speaker who’s written several books about the digital age. He’s also worked with several companies as a consultant including Google and Mind Candy and spoken at forums including TED Global.

We all need to think more critically about how we interact with digital technology, because the secret to living and learning well with it is not related to which devices we use, but to how we use them.

Tom has spoken and written about the use of technology in a number of different areas so I reached out to him to get a critical perspective on the use of technology in learning and life.

In this episode we discuss a range of topics including:

- The advantages and disadvantages of the different types of media
- How to choose what methods to use when learning something online
- How to build unwired states in your day to increase focus

So whether you're looking to make more of your time online, find the best resources for what you're learning or spend more time disconnected, this episode will offer you actionable strategies you can implement right away.

Sep 20, 2016

Not everyone can go down as a master orator like Lincoln, King or Churchill, but we can all learn to become better speakers. And in an age where ideas are the main currency, being able to communicate them effectively is a huge advantage.

Plus, we spend 30% of our communication time speaking, whether it’s in a presentation at work or a conversation with a friend – so it’s definitely a skill worth working on.

In this episode, I break down the strategies of some of the greatest speakers, both ancient and modern and how we can apply them in different situations from public speeches to presentations at work.

Plus I answer some of your questions including:

- What are the elements that a good speech should include?
- What are your tips for improving body language and the use of gestures?
- How do you deal with the fear of public speaking and does it ever go away?

So whether you're looking to give better presentations at work, prepare for a TedX talk or just get your point across better in a discussion, this episode is packed full of actionable tools and techniques you can use immediately.

Sep 13, 2016

Rob Fitzpatrick is a serial entrepreneur who teaches early-stage entrepreneurship in Europe via his company Founder Centric. Rob is a Y Combinator alum and is the author of The Mom Test, a handbook on customer development that teaches you how to learn from customers even when they’re lying to you.

One of the most crucial parts of building a successful business is developing a rounded skillset that allows you to build products that solve problems and forge relationships with customers and partners to sell those solutions effectively.

Rob teaches people to do this and is great at awesome at distilling his entrepreneurial experience into practical advice. He's also taught at Oxford and UCL as well as designing education programs for accelerators and the UN, so if you want someone to teach you entrepreneurship you can’t get much better.

In this episode we discuss a real whirlwind of topics including:

- The core skills and mental models every entrepreneur needs to learn
- How to talk to customers effectively and get the results you want
- Rob’s own approach to learning new skills from chess to programming to repairing sailing boats and reading up on diesel engines.

So whether you're starting out as an entrepreneur and are looking to build a new business or learn from the customers you already have in an existing one, this episode will give you that and much more.

Sep 6, 2016

Studies on listening have show that we spend 60% of our communication time listening and that the average person can only remember 10% of that 3 days later.

For a skill that we need to use so often and neglect so heavily, you’d think that listening was pretty useless. But this couldn’t be further from the truth because every one of us needs to learn how to become a better listener.

In this episode, I show you how to become a better listener by offering a series of practical tools and techniques for improving your skills in different situations.

Plus, I answer some of your questions including:

- What are the main blocks to listening and how can you overcome them?
- How do you can digest what you’re hearing without preparing your 'answer'?
- What are the things I should do to listen better on the phone?

So whether you're looking to improve your listening skills to communicate better with your boss at work or to retain more of the podcast episodes you're listening to, this episode has you covered with practical strategies.