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Jul 26, 2016

What if one of the most powerful tools for igniting change in the world was something that’s been available to us since childhood?

Questioning - deeply, imaginatively and critically – can spark unique insights and unleash our innate creativity. It can help us see the world through fresh eyes and notice things others don’t. And it can inspire us to take focused actions that improve the quality of our lives.

Most creative and successful people in all fields from science to business recognise the importance of asking incisive questions because they can lead to such powerful insights.

In this episode I discuss a number of topics related to questions including:

- What’s the difference between a good question and a bad one?
- The best frameworks you use to ask better questions
- The questions you should be asking yourself to prove the validity of your ideas

So whether you're looking to leverage the power of questioning in learning, business or life this episode has you covered.

Jul 19, 2016

Vincent Dignan is an entrepreneur and growth hacker who helps early-stage companies acquire users. Through his company Magnific he’s driven thousands of followers, conversations, and signups for startups using a combination of social media growth and guerrilla community management tactics.

On top of this he’s a great public speaker regularly giving talks around the world on marketing and growth hacking and he recently completed a 45-date speaking tour of the US, speaking in 13 different cities.

In this episode we discuss a range of topics including:

- Vince’s tips that will help you market your content and grow your business
- The habits that will help you pick up skills and get more done with less
- How to give a memorable public speech and get people interested in the event

We also discuss Vince’s favourite books for entrepreneurs and his thoughts on the feedback loop between teaching and learning.

Whether you’re looking to grow your business and acquire users, become a better speaker or just get more done in less time, you’ll leave this podcast with plenty of actionable strategies you can apply.

Jul 12, 2016

Many people assume that great communicators possess an intrinsic talent – they look at the abilities of Martin Luther King, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and assume that it’s a gift that can't be learned or improved.

While I think it may come easier to some people than others, the reality is that almost anyone can become a great communicator with consistent, deliberate practice over a period of time.

In fact it’s pretty shocking that communication skills aren’t taught in the vast majority of schools given how important they are in all areas of life.

In this episode I discuss a range of topics including:

- The basics of public speaking and how to improve regardless of your level
- The techniques you can use to become a better listener
- The tips that will improve the quality of your writing and refine your style

So whether you're looking to become a better listener, speaker or writer, this episode has got you covered with actionable strategies you can apply today.

Jul 5, 2016

Will Reynolds and Erin Potter are the founders of the New Work Order, a close-knit network of ambitious people, building careers on their own terms.

I met Will at a workshop he was running on entrepreneurship and the vision he’s crafted with Erin to help people take control of their own careers resonated with me as it’s something I’ve been trying to do since graduating from university.

The important thing about community is that it allows people to learn from each other and to get a objective view of how they're progressing over time. Will and Erin have done this in the area of career so I decided to get them on for a chat.

In this episode we discuss a range of topics including:

- Build a learning community around you so that taking action becomes a habit
- Manage your work and learning so that it stays fun rather
- Practical strategies to learn a range of skills from web design to writing

So whether you’re looking to pick up skills to build your own career or thinking about how to optimise your work/life balance, you’ll leave this conversation with plenty of actionable ideas to start applying to your life immediately.